Christmas chores

I'm making progress on my Christmas chores and have now sent off the cards to the Frenchies and to the relatives here in Australia. I've got the teacher and work presents to go but am in a creative block about those and just can't seem to get started. Oh and there are a few other 'to be made' things, but they might drop off the list...

I did make some sponge painting tree wrapping paper with the kids on Tuesday (well me mainly because after about 2 trees they were bored of it).  Very lo fi - the blue ones are probably the pick of the bunch! But now after reading all the articles on people wrapping their presents in fabric, I kind of wished I'd done that, so I popped down to the fabric store (where I knew they were having 50% off)and grabbed a couple of metres of Robert Kaufmann's 'How the Grinch stole Christmas'.  I got some of this, but I think I might need some of the other patterns in the series. They are fun.  Ben will get his presents wrapped in fabric and my lo-fi trees will be savoured by the presents for family.  I love how Megan Nielsen talks about then just folding up the material and putting it away for another year. So much nicer than the bags and bags of paper that we end up with at Christmas - which we then sort through again looking for lost presents.
So, in sewing related news, I have cut out the Drape Drape 2 (no 4) t shirt pattern and would have sewn part of it last night but realised that I didn't have the right colour thread. Oh no, another trip to the fabric store....


  1. ooh fabric jealousy! both the grinch fabric and your drapey fabric look lovely! I know what you mean about Christmas sewing - I've been crossing things off the list mercilessly. Fortunately most of it was for babies and toddlers who won't care what/when it is anyway! And I am trying to get my kids interested in fabric painting or paper printing for gifts, but they aren't having it!

  2. Hi Kirsty, found your blog through your Instagram. Love it. How clever are you!! Gab xx

  3. Poor you!, another trip to sewists Wonderland! I like the idea of fabric wrapping. I´m always the one who takes the garbage out and I my heart aches at the sight of all those paper wrappings and bags, mountains of them.
    Looking forward to your next drape, drape!.

  4. Good on you for getting both the Frenchies' and the Aussies' Christmas cards done! :)
    Ronnie xo