Christmas chores contd

Sorry, no proper sewing post today.  I did try and do 15 minutes this morning but it just wasn't working out for me. I am like a wound up doll.  A doll that is wound up too tight. Today, I've been frantically worrying about what I'm going to give my team members for Christmas and sorting out the boys' teacher presents.  But now I'm done.  Just.  And I think if I finish the Christmas cards tonight that I have left to send within Australia, I might be a lot nicer to be around.  Funny isn't how we (meaning me) run around trying to make it look like we are really nice people by giving gifts at Christmas,  but in the meantime, those around us have to bare the brunt of the Christmas cyclone.  Mmm. I'd like to say next Christmas will be different....
So as part of the little presents I've done for my team members I decided to make a Christmas decoration as part of the wrapping.  Some will be getting these  but I also made a couple of the ones above.  I love these and think they look great.  They are based loosely on the concept of these headbands I made for the fete.  If only I could work out how to sew plastic without it sticking all the time, I think I'd make 1000 of these!  But I can't work out how to sew plastic without alot of cursing as the plastic sticks, so a few for work and one for my tree is all I could manage. Oh and one of them I did with only brown and yellow pompons to match the football team for one of my workmates!  
One of the guys claims he is a Christmas Grinch so he gets this one!
For a few of the others I work with but not in my team I made up these little bags with nuts and things in them. I attached these great bon bon cards with a 'scratch it' joke.  
And the many teacher presents I did (the teacher, the librarian, the music teacher, the Director, the Assistant Director.....etc etc the list goes on)  were wrapped in brown paper bags.  Yes, I'm very lo fi.  With a little card I made using a scanned Christmas tree, Oliver drew under severe duress.  The two favourite teachers got a note book and a tissue pocket... and the rest just got a notebook.  I should have photographed all the beautiful little notebooks I bought but by the end was truly over it.  
Now, onto my French homework and those Christmas cards!


  1. oh goodness, busy busy! I say zip through the French as fast as you can and then have a glass of something Christmassy :-) Bon courage!

  2. Ha ha ha, unfortunately I still haven't done the French, but I've had the glass of something Christmassy!

  3. Merry Christmas to you! ;)
    A glass of something Christmassy...what a great idea!!

  4. That Pom ornament is the cutest! Good luck on your francais and cards!