2013: Sewing Goals!

Top 5 of 2012
I'm combining the last two categories from the top 5 of 2012 hosted by Gillain into the one gigantic post: My inspirations from 2012 and my Goals for 2013.   Thanks again Gillian for mobilising so many of us all into some serious sewing reflection and goal setting!
1.  Me Made May 
1 May 2012
Day 1 of Me Made Me 2012
Me Made May 2012 introduced me to some inspiring and supportive people, including Gillian, Morgan, Carolyn and Merche, I discovered new patterns (and received a gift of a pattern from Emily from which I made two dresses in 2012). I love Me Made May and I'm so happy to read that Zoe will host another one in 2013 and so participating in this is definitely a sewing goal for 2013.
Last year I pledged to wear at least one me made piece everyday with no repeat outfits.  I did this reasonable comfortably as usually I wear something me made although the no repeats sent me into a bit of panic sewing .  I can't promise there won't be any panic sewing, but Me Made May is a great opportunity to mix the outfits up a bit and wear clothes in different ways so I hope I'll be able to do that.

2. Independent Pattern Designers
I began sewing using Japanese Pattern Books (in Japanese with no Japanese language skill) so while they are pretty clear, I had to make up most of the instructions.   This year I've used more English language patterns, (except for the Pavot).  Having detailed instructions to work through some of the trickier bits has been great and my sewing, I hope, has improved.  Well made garments is obviously a goal of 2013, but more than that though, it's been a revelation to me how many amazing independent pattern designers are out there drafting fabulous patterns.  This year, I've sewn patterns from:
Collette (though this was a fail)
Undies using So, Zoe's pattern
There are so many things to love about using these patterns, it's also great to have access to the designer and others who are making the same pattern. I'm currently working on Grainlines Maritime Shorts, so hope to have them finished soon and I've also signed up to participate in the Charlotte Skirt sew-along starting in January.  So in 2013, I will continue to look out for new independent patterns and designers.

3.  Choose wisely
I spent a lot of time in 2012, sewing, thinking about sewing, reading about sewing...I read as much fashion 'stuff' as ever before, but I barely bought any RTW.  In 2013, I hope I'll be as inspired, engaged and brave enough to tackle some tricky projects and continue to make clothes that reflect me.  My goal is to sew wisely: materials, patterns, projects...... I might do a sewalong or two and if the sewalong with the little black dress/party dress suggested by The Perfect Nose takes off that would be a fun and challenging project.  Who cares that I don't currently have an occasion to wear such a dress.
Having said that, I have two little boys, Ben, a big job and a whole lot of others and other things in my life.  Time goes too fast and sometimes it's great to spend hours at the sewing machine (and computer), but sometimes it's not!  For that reason I won't participate in KCWC in 2013.  I've lost my sewing mojo for the boys anyway and the hour spent each day sewing for them in that week could be better spent actually with them.

4. Keep on improving
Goes without saying really.  My little monthly projects helped focus me in 2012, so I might do a few of those last in 2013 (post our trip to France in March/April and Me Made May).  I'd love to end the year not fearing zippers!  I'd also like to get better with photographer and this little blog space.  A few months ago I did a  online course by pugly pixel  on some basics on using CSS on the blog which helped.  I seem to hang out here quite a bit so I may as well try and make it me.  And one day I'll actually work through this tutorial from Lucky Lucille on how to do a moodboard in photoshop!

5. Be organised 
I pride myself on being organised, but when it came to these end of the year posts, I found I had to scramble to work out what I had actually made.  So, in 2013, I'm going to keep a better list.  I love a list so this will be easy. I also got these 2 beautiful baskets from my sister for Christmas. The small one is going to be for my current project (in actual progress) and the bigger one is for all the other works in progress.  I did a big clean up in my sewing cupboard the other day and found quite a few WIPs that I had forgotten about and a couple of things that need a bit of fixing.  So, the system is up and running with a full WIP basket and the maritime shorts in the pink basket.   No more lost projects buried in the stash cupboard! Ha.


  1. Shell from SewEnSowJanuary 1, 2013 at 5:59 PM

    Goal 5 resonates as a good idea for me that I hadn't thought about (in my sewing) until now. Thanks.

  2. Those fabric baskets are gorgeous!
    I'm glad you are in for Me Made May again - I was so happy when Zo mentioned she'd be running it again!

  3. It's been so interesting reading your Top 5's, and thank you so much for the kind words too :) and thanks for the links to the computer blogs, I am definitely going to check those out too!

  4. They are super cute aren't they. Unfortunately my pink one is currently empty :( Need to get onto a new project.

  5. I think it will work out ... but time will tell. Good luck with your resolutions.