Thinking about CAPES

It certainly isn't the weather to be thinking about capes. It is the middle of Summer and we are having scorching hot days.  But I am.
I have been eyeing off this cape from APC which is currently heavily discounted on  If it is reduced again I might need to buy it.
So it was with this little cape sitting in the back of my mind that I read the news excitedly this morning, that Oliver + S (Liesl + Co patterns) have released the digital woodland stroll cape sewing pattern, oh and a matching pattern for little girls. It is very cute and is lined!

Photo courtesy of Oliver + S
I just about clicked BUY, when I thought about the hood that I so love on the APC cape, which is unfortunately missing from the Oliver + S model. I then remembered the New York Cape Pattern by Tessuti  which has a hood, but is not lined.  Sew brunswick has a lovely version of the New York cape.
PDF New York Cape Pattern (A4 Print At Home)
Photo courtesy of Tessuti

So, a cape has now been added to my 2013 sewing plans.  I'm not sure which pattern I'll use or whether it is indeed a realistic plan, but it is on there nonetheless!


  1. I have seen the Tessuti cape made up and it's really lovely, was almost tempted to buy the pattern myself.

  2. Mmm, 'spose it wouldn't hurt to just buy the pattern and check it out? I will if you will !!

  3. You were born to wear a cape! I think you should definitely make it!

  4. Just bought the new york cape pattern so I'm one step closer!

  5. I bought the pattern... it may take me a long time to make it but I will try.

  6. I did too. It will have to wait until I find the perfect fabric. Could be a while.

  7. Oh that net-a-porter cape is so gorgeous, and very you. I really like the dark edging on the pockets and the hood. I hope you do make it!

  8. It is now sold out, so I will HAVE to make it!!