Vivienne Strauss does fabric

I am a big big fan of Vivienne Strauss and have two of her paintings to prove it. Below is picture of me from Me Made May 2012, sitting in front of her oil painting "Amongst the practicing sophisticates, there was always one strange bird" and she recently completed a commission of the four of us which is just perfect.  
Anyway, today I was excited to read that she has just released some fabric through Spoonflower.  It's only limited at this stage but she says on her blog that she will gradually add to it. I hope so!
I love the blue in 'cats galore'. I think this print would make a great Wiksten Tank!  I'm very tempted. 
In other news, unexpectedly, I started and finished a sugar tee top today!  Hopefully I'll get some photos and will post about it in the morning. 

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  1. I have not hear about Vivienne before, but I like her distinctive style! Hurry up with ordering the kitty fabric from Spoonflower!