A Library of Liberty

I have this little journal where I have been keeping a piece of every Liberty of London fabric I have ever sewn with.  I don't keep any other fabric, just the Liberty.  There is just something about Liberty that I love.  I love the very fine cotton, Tana Lawn.  It is amazing to touch and sew with.  But more than that I love the narrative behind each fabric and each season's designs.  Every time I am complimented on a piece of clothing I have made with Liberty I am compelled to talk about the design of the fabric. I have told the story of Ornithology, I think at least once a wear!
Over the last couple of days I've parked my sewing and I've enjoyed 'digitising' my little journal.  You can click on the picture on the right of the blog if you'd like to see the Liberty fabrics I've sewn with. 
P.S. Must get to the fabric store this week to buy some fabric for the By Hand London Charlotte skirt sewalong  you never know I might pick up some more Liberty while I'm there. 


  1. That is so cool, Kirsty! I really enjoyed scrolling through your library and seeing which pieces you made from each fabric!

  2. What a great idea. Love the history of it and your sewing projects.