Charlotte Skirt Sewalong part 1

Is anyone else doing the Charlotte Skirt sewalong? I am in need of a new work skirt,  this skirt looks classy yet straightforward, so a nicely paced sewalong seems like a good thing to do.  At this stage I'm just doing the first one in the picture.  No ruffle version yet although there is something fun about the middle version.
I'm sure if you want to join you probably still can and while the first post went up on the 14th January it was just choosing size, tracing and cutting and altering for a full hip adjustment.  
I had a lot of difficulty finding fabric that I liked for the skirt.  This is a problem for me.  I can never find material for a specific project, it always seems to work the other way, that I find the material first and then a pattern or style shouts out to me.
Getting ready for the Charlotte Skirt Sewalong
I think the skirt would look great in a brocade, but for this version, my pre requisite for the fabric was that it had to go with my new shoes and I didn't want a blue skirt so I thought yellow might work.  I'm not sure the tone is right but I'm hoping the outfits that I've got planned in my mind: stripey tee, maybe my lace copy cat scout tee and maybe even the sugar tee from the weekend will all work with this skirt and shoes.  I have some niggling doubts but time will tell!


  1. I love your new shoes! I've noticed that you always have the best shoes! (I'm a bit of a shoe freak!)

  2. Thanks! I do love these shoes, they remind of finishing school in a time when all of us wore boat shoes! Unfortunately it's hard to match them with anything other than jeans at this stage, so I'm hoping the skirt will work :)

  3. Yellow would be perfect and it will look great with striped top. A nautical look with yellow hues...I likey!

  4. I'm following the sew along too. I'm up to the zipper which has me a little nervous since I've only done one other zipper and it wasn't invisible. I love your shoes and I think yellow would work well. Can't wait to see your version!

  5. Thanks so much! Can't wait to see your version as well. I haven't done my zipper yet as have gone away for a few days.... it awaits my return!!