sunday sewing dr suess style

I made some progress today on the pleated pants.  Well I cut out the pattern and fabric. I'm still trying to work on not rushing things!  A super neat feature of the pattern is the hole in each of the pattern pieces so that you can hang them up.  I took full advantage of this!

I am in charge of the craft stall at this year's preschool fete (!!!!?)  It's not til the 27 October, but thought I'd try something with the laminated dr suess material I had in the stash.  The original plan was to make little zipper bags out of it, but after reading this  article and finding my own zipper foot rated as 'the worst', I decided to go for a bit of relaxing Sunday sewing.  So I tried my hand at making some bunting.
Yes bunting.  My first ever! I'm thinking that even if it doesn't sell at the fete, then it will make some nice decoration for the stall.

I'm sure as the sewing heats up for the preschool fete, I will post more items, but I will try not to bore you too much!


  1. Very professional decoration! Those trousers look very good!

  2. I have previously run a craft stall at our school Christmas fayre. My tip is to make lots of small things and if you can somehow incorporate sweets into the bargain (e.g. treats in a little handmade drawstring bag) then you are on to a winner! I would love to see what you come up with and rest assured I will not be bored!

  3. Thanks for your tips. I agree, treats will get people buying! And thanks for saying you won't be bored!!