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 My sewing plans for September (zip-tember) revolve around making the pleated pant from Paper Cut Patterns.  Yes, they have a zipper so I will be able to stand tall and proud (hopefully) at the end of the month.  I bought a bright blue linen this morning at Addicted to Fabric.  My poor photography skills have once again let me down, so I don't have a picture that does the colour of the fabric justice... but I did look on the Pantone web site and it is somewhere between Dazzling Blue and Socialite Blue.
Also while I was at the fabric shop I bought some of this spotty greyish black stretchy fabric and some green folded muslin elastic.  The plan is to make one of zoe's vests and maybe try a pair of undies as well.  But lets not get too far ahead of ourselves!  I'm not even sure the green elastic will work!?


  1. Oh, Kirsty! at long last! I hadn´t been able to post any comment, as normal google didn´t support the disqus thing. I just wanted to let you know that I´ve been reading your posts and feeling very silly not finding the way to comment. But now I can! Love all what you´ve been making latety!

  2. Thank you!! You are so kind. Thanks for reading and commenting!