FINISHED! papercut pattern pleated pants in socialite blue linen

I think I may have just made the almost perfect spring time pant.  I am loving this colour and love the high waisted pattern from papercut patterns in NZ.
Almost perfect.. because I'm not sure I have put the hooks and eyes on exactly right (either that or I need a third one and secondly, because I had to do quite a bit of fussing around to get the size right...
Monday morning I made a lot of progress with the pants managing to get the zipper in, the pleats and the pockets.  Unfortunately, after looking at the size chart I marked out my approximate size and decided to cut out an S.  Now, you can see from the 'X's that my measurements were smaller than the S but bigger than the XS so living in fear that I wouldn't be able to get the pants done up I went with the S. MISTAKE!  Would you believe that I had to remove about 20 cms from the waist!!  I took about 12 cms from the back and redid the the pleats at the front.  Urrgh. Next time I make them I think I'll just cut out the smaller size
Anyway, having said that, this pattern was nice to make and it turned out better than I thought I would be able to do. The instructions come in this cute little book and were easy to follow and not overwhelming.  And hooray to a zipper clothing project completed in Zip-Tember!
I'll post a photo soon of me actually wearing the pants but for now you have some stuck on the wall shots. The tops in the photos I have worn regularly with a much darker blue pant and of course with denim, but the colour of this linen really lifts the outfits.  I could have put up another 3 tops that I think will go great.  I think these will be the ultimate versatile pant.
And here is one last shot with the melting icecream mini bag that just arrived this morning from Harvest Textiles.


  1. What a great addition to your spring wardrobe! This blue is perfect! It always boosts one's self-confidence when you pants size goes one or two sizes down ;)

  2. These look absolutely wonderful, I like the edgey shape and the colour really does look terrific with your tops! I am loving your new spring wardrobe :)
    I've read in other blogs about the sizing issues with Papercut, it can be sooo frustrating when you have to make lots of adjustments to a pattern.

  3. Oh I agree. I always take the bigger size in to a change room. Nothing feels worse than having to ask for a bigger size.

  4. Thanks Carolyn, I think all pattern makers should also provide finished sizes!!

  5. What a great colour and pattern for your trousers! You are going to look gorgeous in them!