care package and washi tape

Today I was lucky enough to get a care package from my sister.  Sensational!! She had generously made a trip to Tessuti and picked up some fabric for me.   Liberty!!  Yes, new Liberty - Virtual Light A from the 2012 Autumn Winter Digital Story collection . I might just make up another sugar tee tshirt with it! The colour match is great with the pants I made earlier in the week.
And two remnants: a cute batik type material (I think there is enough to make a little pair of shorts)
and this one...  a stretch, sheer, jersey, stripey fabric.  It will be fun working out something to make with this one.  This material is not something I would normally use, but it is so fun thinking about how to use it!
And as for recovery, I'm still sporting moustache bandages which were previously  secured using some industrial medical tape provided at the hospital.  This morning I decided that there weren't enough layers of skin left for more of that after four days of constant changing and ripping, so have been sporting washi tape ever since.  Classy isn't it. 

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