SPRING PALETTE (and officially too many things to do)

I went to the fabric store this morning as next week I am doing a zipper class with You SEW Girl and I needed to get fabric for the bag (the course is all about putting zippers into bags using this pattern).   I tell you there just wasn't anything in my stash so this was a must do trip (yeah right).  After wandering aimlessly around for ages trying to work out who would get the bag and therefore what fabric would I use, I finally decided that I would make the bag for mum and once I'd settled on that the rest was easy.  I got this Waratah fabric for the outside and the Australian places for the inside.  I think she will love it.
I also picked up some hot pink linen (you should have seen the range!).  I've got something going at the moment with the brights.. maybe it's starting to feel like spring and the sun is shining.  It seems a bit daring to be making something in hot pink but I'm running with it .. although this calls into question my thoughts yesterday on making a chambray coloured veste pavot..... Chambray seams so pale....it might end up being in a super bright linen!
So with the hot pink I'm either going to make another pair of pleated pants (in the right size) or the Miss Chalmers Skirt.
I also bought a darker pink jersey to make another drape cardigan (although I will try to make this a bit shorter at the back).
I have seen a few people using colourlovers, so in a trip into the unknown and clearly using only very basic skills, I've tried to depict the colour palette that is presenting itself so far this Spring.  It's probably not unlike that in the shops but it has a nice happy feel about it.
And as the title suggests with the excitement over the purchases this morning, I now have too many things that I am working on or wanting to start:
  • Wings using this tutorial:  for a birthday and Christmas present
  • More undies (hence the foldover blue elastic in the shot)
  • Drape cardigan in pink jersey
  • Pleated pants/miss chalmers skirt in hot pink linen
  • Crafty things for the preschool fete(including the start of a super hero mask seen in pic) 
  • Oh and French homework (of course) - not sewing but still on the to do list for this weekend 


  1. Gosh you are busy! I think we all need a bit more pink in our lives and I look forward to seeing the pleated pants.

  2. I though it was a picture a bag, not wings :) Very cute! Recently I bought some bright pink wool for a winter coat. So pink's this season's hot color! :P

  3. oooh, is teaching classes new for you? Or something you've been doing for a while? Sounds like a fun project! (And yay for hot pink!)

  4. Oh, no I am taking the class not giving it :) I am HOPELESS with zipper so am doing the class to overcome my phobia.

  5. I am absolutely in love with those wings!!