Progress of the PINK Pavot

PAVOT in progress
The dodgey shoulder in this photo is a result of the way in which this coat is stuck to the wall.  Promise!
I am making some good progress on the pink (it is very very pink - pinker than the photo can convey!) PAVOT.  Some late night cutting on Sunday, late night sewing Monday night and a little bit of day time sewing in between things today on my day off has meant that the coat is starting to take shape.  It isn't lined, so the babylock got a big workout on all the seams (sometime unnecessarily so - thanks to mis reading the French instructions).
gratuitous photo to show my matching nail polish !
Originally I was going to make this in a chambray but, I had this pink linen* in the stash and it is summer after all.  So why not a bright pink statement piece! A super bright bright pink pavot!
This Sunday, with another family, we are catching the steam train to Bungendore and then having lunch at the French restaurant there, Le Tres Bon.   So, now I'm thinking I need to finish it in time to wear this Sunday.  Perhaps teamed with my playsuit...... There is quite a bit of sewing time between now and then afterall

* Is it just me or do other people have trouble knowing which is the right side on linen!??


  1. Can't wait to see the coat finished Kirsty!
    Ronnie xo

  2. love the colour! that's going to be one fabulous jacket! Have a great weekend, that all sounds like fun.

    And yeah, I can't tell right side from wrong on most solid colour fabrics :-) I look closely at the selvedge, and if I still can't tell I just pick one at random and label it with chalk so I don't mix them up later (because I'm paranoid that the difference between the two sides would suddenly become obvious and look terrible on a finished garment...)