Wiksten tank, new shoes and Mary Stewart on the Kindle

After a short hiatus to catch my breath after the Veste Pavot, I've now started on the third of my selfish sewing projects for NovemberWiksten Tank.  Well, I've stuck the pieces of the pattern together anyway. I'm looking forward to what should be an easy project. (Famous last words). Hopefully it won't be long before I have a new finished item to show off.
In other news, this morning in a rash decision, I bought these See by Chloe shoes on sale when they arrived in my inbox... so, (hoping they fit when they arrive in the post) am now dreaming up a suitable outfit to make/wear them with... because of course there wouldn't be anything in my wardrobe that could possibly go!**!?!  I'm thinking culottes, but then I do love culottes . so if anyone has a good culottes pattern let me know! (Must. have. pockets!) They remind me of when I was younger and used to wear 'boat' shoes all the time
cover for Madam, Will You TalkMoon-Spinners image
I'm also on a Mary Stewart reading marathon. I read about her on someone's blog a few months ago (I'm sorry I can't remember who) and now I'm up to my 5th book!  Has anyone heard of her? She was born in 1916 and is apparently the 'mother' of romantic suspense. So as you would expect, the stories have both mystery, yes usually someone has been murdered and there is always a fabulous romance and they are always set somewhere gorgeous and exotic. Yes, it's probably not high literature, but they sure are good reads and after the story ends I'm always dying to know what happens next to the characters...oh yes, they have (well in the four that I've read) a happy ending so no doubt they all live happily ever after. Yay to that.  Sometimes in life a happy ending is what we need  They are the perfect, by the pool, holiday book.  Unfortunately I'm neither by the pool or on holidays..and am reading them late to get to sleep after some late night sewing.  I believe all her books are still in print. Read all about her and the books here.
Airs Above the Ground imageThis Rough Magic image
These are the covers of the books that I've read so far.  I'm reading My Brother Michael now.  Yes, these covers look somewhat dated don't they!?  Don't be put off.

My Brother Michael image


  1. Hi! Love your shoes! What are culottes? For me they are those ugly things the pleople who ride bicycles use to wear, with padded crotch? I don´t think you mean those ;D
    Anyways I didn´t know about Mary Stuart, I´ll have to check her out. I´m still in my Kate Morton phase though "the distant hours" is taking a long time to read!

  2. Hi Merche... no I don't think I mean the padded crotch things. I hope not anyway, because if I do I'm changing my mind. They are long shorts that flare. Usualy just below the knee and they look a bit like a skirt but shorts. I think some people called them skorts. It is terrible but I haven't read any Kate Morton and she is Australian. I have just looked at her site and I think I will definitely be starting. Sounds like the same genre. Aaah mystery and romance!