Drape Drape 2

Drape Drape 2 isn't a new book but I had completely forgotten about it until recently when Ginger makes had a competition to win it.  As soon as I saw some of the patterns I really wanted it, but alas I didn't win...I have Drape Drape 1 which I made only one dress out of, but this one seems to have a lot more patterns that interest me - maybe also the fact that it is in English.  So, when I saw it at the Portrait Gallery Store yesterday (this is conveniently across the road from where I work), and in English (!!)  I knew I had to have it.  I made the excuse of an early birthday present to myself. As if I needed an excuse!
I had only planned to make 3 things* during 'It's all about me November' but now I feel compelled to make a yellow skirt using McCalls 5591 to go with my new shoes (I've changed my mind on the culottes) and now something/s from this book.  I'll be pushing it as there aren't that many days left in November, but I am really taken by some of these patterns.  In particular, I think this dress is super cool for Summer (and I think the stripey fabric my sister gave me here would work perfectly - so that could be a goer).
I love this tshirt and skirt below as well. 

How cool is the tshirt pattern.  I really love interesting pattern pieces like that.
I will have to choose soon - can't make them all by the end of November.
*The wiksten tank is cut out - just need to sew it now.  Oliver has 2 friends coming over today so hopefully they will busy themselves and I will be able to sneak in some sewing. Oh, and we are off to a party tonight so I'll be wearing my drape tree dress for the first time. Hopefully I'll be able to get some photos. 


  1. Looks great! No excuse needed I say :-) I saw Nikki-Shell did a version of that dress a while back, and I thought about getting the book then but those pattern shapes put me off, i don't think I could handle them. Well done for taking them on! Hope you have plenty of fun with your tree dress, it already looked great and I bet it looks fab on, do show us the pics!

    I have a yellow skirt in the works too... but its the last of the four and I think it'll have to wait till after the Christmas pressies are done...

  2. That's what I thought at first re the pattern shapes but I had such fun sewing my drape cardigan. And, I'm much less scared now it's in English. We'll see though. I'm looking forward to seeing your number 3 skirt - your first 2 were so cool. I hope you stick with the feet shots!

  3. All those pieces look really good! Love the dresses, specially. I wish they would sell it here too! All you can get are 80´s "learn to sew" books. They make for a good laugh but the patterns are not something you want to try!

  4. Oh yes, most of my collection I bought over the internet :)