Robot party wrap up

A quick wrap up on Elliot's robot party.
This was the invitation (with details a bit scrambled).  I stuck the picture of the bubble robot (who was a special guest at the party) on card I had printed with some computer code.  Good to have a geek in the house who could generate this for me.
Party bags made with the boys.  
One of the activities was to colour in a tshirt.  I had painted silver squares onto tshirts and the children had to draw a robot.  Some masterpieces below as you can see?!  I wonder whether anyone will wear their tshirt.

I also spray painted a whole lot of boxes and things and hid them in the garden for collecting and to make into a robot..this was harder than I expected and the robot never really came to life (all the parents were busy being entertained by Ben with cheese and champagne to help assemble - this is usual at our parties :)) but the kids had fun hunting in our garden and enjoyed decorating him and I think with those little legs and long tail (!?) he was never going to stand by himself.
 I also had a big box of LEGO Hero Factory on a mat which was a big winner for the kids
And here is the cake (and me with a birds nest for hair - but see I'm wearing my playsuit!)


  1. Sounds like it was a party!

  2. Those party bags are absolutely delightful! What a lovely idea to have made them with the boys. Well done!
    Ronnie xo

  3. Thanks Ronnie. I was surprised at how into making them the boys were.