children parties and sponge painting

On Sunday, we have Elliot's 4th birthday Robot Party.  I love lo-fi craft and I love having a party for my boys.  It's a toss up who's more into the party - them or me.  Well obviously they are because they are thinking about all the presents, but I love it as well.  Well, I love the planning that is,  a few weeks out I'm all about the party and doing the invites. Come closer to the time, I get myself all worked up and stressed.  And I hate the cake. I have too much pride to actually outsource the making of it, so I stress and stress about it. Having said that I know I only have a couple of years when I can get away with lo-fi birthday parties before the boys become all 'OH MUUUUM!!!' on me, so I'm making the most of it.
One of my favourite lo fi crafty things for a kids party is sponge painting.
Last year Elliot had a dinosaur party and earlier this year Oliver had lego star wars party and I pulled out a bit of sponge painting for both of them ... and would you believe I have managed to squeeze out a bit of sponge work for the Robot party on Sunday.
My piece de resistance is the AT AT walker from Star Wars that we did for Oliver's party bags this year using cut up sponges.  I then revisited the sponges for a tshirt for a friend of Oliver's who was moving to New York.  I love this I think it is so cute.
AT AT Walker sponge print
For Elliot last year, we sponge painted both the invites and the bags for his dinosaur party based on an idea from this book.
So for the Robot party, I have sponge painted rectangles onto tshirts and the children can then draw robots using the painted on shapes.  I'll see how it goes and you might see pictures of this - if it is successful!
I'd really like to work out how to do freezer paper stenciling one day as it looks much neater. But for now I'm all about the sponge.


  1. I love freezer paper stenciling. It's how I made my fabric birds. It's really easy honest!

  2. Ok, I'll definitely try it. You've inspired me with those super cute birds.