Mr Goop jumps again

The boys went to a 'SPOOKY' 5th birthday party last evening. Elliot was pretty excited to get another chance to wear his Mr Goop costume.  Mr Goop is now a swamp man covered in slime by the way, rather than the sticky guy who can attach to walls.  An orange swamp.
I had to share this photo taken on my phone.  I'm calling him up to join everyone else for a party game inside the house.  Clearly he is less than interested when he has the biggest trampoline in the world to play on (our own trampoline which is now sadly broken, was about 1/16th the size of this one.  I love the look on his face and the iridescent nature of the material.  It was sunset and he was glowing.   I wish he'd also had the top part of the costume on.
As for me, I have tried very hard to do one thing at a time this weekend (as opposed to trying to do too many things at once).  I spent most of my day today in my pjs cleaning and then took the boys for a ride down at a new park.  It was hard going with Oliver wanting to race ahead, gaining confidence now that he isn't on training wheels and Elliot stopping every 2 minute to look at something.  I was on a scooter so could go between them.  Mmm.  An icecream helped calm the nerves on the way home.
So, I'm just about to start on the PAVOT.  Finally.  Yes, it's true.  It's only been sitting on top of the pile for two months.  Just in time as Ben comes back from Barcelona tomorrow so he'll be able to help with the translations.  Now to some cutting out.


  1. Wow! I want to jump on that trampoline too!
    I can see myself in this post. Keeping up is so difficult and yet we load ourselves with so many things to do. But to see our children´s faces while we spend time with them is priceless. I´ve been told they grow up really fast. ;)