A cute tshirt and Mr Goop

 Firstly here are some gratuitious pictures of Elliot yesterday morning (doing the typical blogger pose!) wearing his new tshirt from his Mamie in France.  Yes that is a pompom for a nose!  I wonder how long it will stay on.  It was bought from one of my favourite shops on my favourite street in Strasbourg Rue des Juifs (the shop is down near the river end if you are there and looking for it!!??).. of course I can't remember the name of the shop but it is a little children's boutique and it is beautiful. There is (was) a girl who works there who has been to Australia. Yay.  The brand of the tshirt is Emile et Ida What a great brand, So so so cool. I wonder do they have a stockist in Australia.  Oliver got the tshirt with the top hat and moustache.
This was him tonight and the only photo he would let me take of his costume for the halloween disco.  Exhausted. (him and me).  You get an idea of the colour of the material anyway.
So, after his photo reluctance I tried to get a picture of it on the wall but it looks more like an orange dementor.  
It is a very lo-fi costume inspired by those little sticky toys that you throw and they stick on walls etc. He got one at the fete and promptly called it Mr Goop and then wanted a Mr Goop costume which then became a Mr Goop/Slime costume - which had to be orange.  Bright orange. I found some workman orange material so it is a bit reflective. I made a hood piece that wrapped around with dangly bits.  Of course he didn't quite look like anything at all really but he loved it.  It was perfect for a halloween disco for preschool children at an indoor play centre... I could easily find him!
At the disco all the kids had to walk around at one point showing off their costumes and he was pretending to 'slime' people with his 'dangly bits'.  Such a showman.  I can't believe he didn't win best dressed can you?!!


  1. The shirt is so cute...of course! it is french! ;D
    You´re so funny: The typical blogger pose...spot on!

  2. Such an awesome costume! I can just imagine the 'sliming" of his friends with your description! I also LOVE the idea of an orange dementor :D

  3. Thanks Carolyn, but I still think your mask is amazing.

  4. brilliant orange goop! T would love something like that, much better than trying to get into his sister's witch dress (with her). Sliming people must have been such fun.

    Lucky you having family in Strasbourg, it really is a beautiful place isn't it? I've been there a few times but always for work and the only time I've ever seen the city itself is while getting to and from the office - it's a real drudge! I did manage to dash round the Christmas market for about half an hour once, which was absolutely lovely of course. It's a shame the place has such work associations for me, as that always rules it off our holiday destination list. That and the less predictable weather when you're comparing to the south coast - we camp, so it's a no-brainer really :-) How often do you visit? I guess a trip that far doesn't happen that often??!

  5. Oh that makes me laugh the 'trying to get into his sister's witch dress with her!'.
    I'd be going with the more predictable weather as well. We get to France reasonably regularly I suppose. I've never been there for the Christmas markets. One day I hope. We were last there in October and we will be there again in March and April next year! A very good friend of ours just moved from Strasbourg to Brussels for work so one day we might come up your way.