blanket progress and a new notebook


This is my lo-fi baby blanket starting to take shape as we drove to the snow yesterday. The weather was pretty wild up there, but I managed to graduate from the 'magic carpet' and go on the tbar and a chairlift!! Very proud of myself.
I arrived home to find a parcel in the mailbox:  my new pink fashionary.  Have you heard about these?  You must check them out.  I often buy things like this, which I probably have no need for but instantly fall in love with the idea of having it.  It has heaps of good sewing information including a fabric dictionary, laundry labels, seams and stitches and all sorts of fabulous things and best of all pages of templates for drawing up designs.  I can't draw but was thinking this might be where I put in the patterns that I'd like to make.  Photos below courtesy of the fashionary website:


  1. Your blanket colors are so delightful!

  2. I LOVE my fashionary! I makes me feel like I can actually draw, hehe. The baby blanket is looking lovely; gorgeous vibrant colours :)

  3. You have one? Fantastic! I agree re drawing. I don't have to draw the person now!