Aladdin's pants revisited

Back in May I was taken by the idea of tracksuit pants to go out in and made what turned out to be a bit of a aladdin's magical pj pants. I was going to post the picture from May, but couln't believe when I looked at the picture again I actually wore that outfit out! I've pulled them out again today and given them a second chance.  This time with a different top and shoes. Bettter.. better... but still not convinced.

I haven't done any sewing this weekend :( but am getting a list together.  I have Tuesday off work so am hoping to slip in a trip to the fabric shop sans les enfants.
I have also bought this book so hoping it comes in the mail soon too!  NZ have such talent the I have high expectations for this book


  1. interesting. They look very La Mia Boutique XD I think they're cool but I'm not very tall so billowy stuff like that doesn't work so well on me. Do review that book when it comes, I'd like to pick it up but after pre-ordering the Collette book without reviews or browse-throughs (and being majorly disappointed with the patterns when it showed up)-I'm going to have to wait for more information before I commit.

  2. I absolutely love these pants!! They look great with a simpler top and shoes.