Making potions

Oliver had a friend over this morning who showed my boys something I probably should have shown them years ago (although I will say that it was all about water restrictions and not my aversion to the mess). Turning the hose on in the garden and making big puddles.  Really big puddles.  Shocking isn't it.  My childhood is full of mud pie making, running through the sprinkler and other hose related adventures. Well since the friend left, Oliver and Elliot have been busy outside 'making potions'. (Yes, there is a bit of a Harry Potter moment happening in the house). It is hard for me not to say "stop you are making a big mess and wasting water" and "I just vacuumed and now you are treading mud everywhere"..but you know what.  This is a good thing.  They are playing together and doing something fun and creative. And it is outside!  I think it is very hard in this day to get kids to do that. Well it is for my kids. They have so much immediate and inside entertainment. And Ben and I are both pretty keen on our indoor interests (like sewing obviously). But it is a beautiful sunny almost spring day so they should be outside.  This is a proud mummy moment. 
The potions brewing in the sun

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