One of the reasons I started to sew was because of the constant array of costumes that seemed to be required: birthday parties, book week, going down the supermarket ....  Book week is this week coming up and kindly the teachers have given us a week's notice. I'm hoping to convince Oliver to wear one of the costumes that I have already made him in the past.  Here is a selection of my favourite ones.
This one is easily the most popular:  Jay from Lego Ninjago.  Worn many many many times.
This is Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars.  This was made for book week last year (gosh Oliver looks so young here and it's only last year)

Anakin Skywalker
And this one, which was a one off - was for a 4 year old's Monster Scarecrow party.  He is only 3 here. The 'straw' is actually wool from spotlight which was really soft but perfect.  

He is still umming and aaahing about this year.  Fingers crossed it is a variation on a theme that we already have covered!!  The costume run hasn't started in as much enthusiasm for Elliot.. but it's just a matter of time.


  1. Oooh you have book week as well. World Book Day for schools in Wales is in March and usually we don't even get a week's notice. The first year I remember sewing a 'cat in the hat' stripey hat for my daughter but since then my enthusiasm for the event has waned. One year my son went as paddington bear just because he had a duffle coat!

  2. I love that. Oliver has a duffle coat so that might be what he wears!!