lazy start to the day

I have just had a lovely start to a morning.  Ben flew to the US this morning and as his taxi came at 5.40am it was impossible to stay asleep with him (not so quietly) hunting for socks and things.  So, after he left I made a cup (or 3) of tea.. snuggled back into bed with my knitting (it is progressing - slowly) and watched the first episode of Howzat! on my laptop with the sun rising.  Aaaah.  Never has waking up at that time been so nice!  Except now the sun is up and that means soccer is on so I better get moving.
By the way, the quilt cover is our new one from Oh Mabel!  It is gorgeous and would you believe she lives in Canberra!


  1. The blanket is looking just lovely; so cosy and colourful :) Isn't Howzat terrific? We thoroughly loved the first episode and I am really looking forward to the second one tonight :) I remember most of the players, and Dennis Lillee lives nearby us still.

  2. Yes, I can't wait for tonight's episode! I too remember all the players and particular remember thinking David Hooks was a bit of a spunk.