ski weekend with a tiny bit of knitting

We went to the snow on the weekend. It was the boy's first time and it was my first time in such a long time (like 20 years) that I classify myself as a complete beginner, non skier.  We drove up after going to the lego exhibition, so the day already started off big for the boys.  I knitted in the car.  Yes, knitted.  Well first I pulled apart everything I had previously done as it was so wonky and then I knitted.  It was so therapeutic.  I agree with you all who said it was. It isn't the best road from Canberra to the snow but knitting away made it very relaxing.  I won't show you any photos though, because for all that talk, I probably knitted about 10 rows!
We stayed at a lovely place in Lake Crackenback, which is only a few minutes to the ski tube which takes you up to Perisher. Elliot is 3 and Oliver is 6 and to be frank, we are a pretty indoorsy family.  I like to think that I'm a bit outdoorsy but the reality is, that I'm pretty happy doing indoorsy things (like sewing), the boys like lego and drawing and Ben is a geek.  Enough said. But we had such a great time over this past weekend as a family. We were out of the house.  Ben was skiing which he loves to do and it was great for the kids to see him doing it.  The boys and I had some private lessons with a lovely lovely instructor and both boys enjoyed it and Oliver especially did really well. I enjoyed it and didn't break anything and I was really pleased (afterwards!) to be putting myself out of my comfort zone for a bit.
So, I don't know if it was the the boys enjoying themselves and achieving, the bright pink jacket I was wearing or the sun or the cold or the fact that we were away from home and housework, but I am now trying to convince Ben that we should go again this season.    
Of course, I'm nicely glossing over the complete nightmare it is to carry skis with kids whingeing and screaming 'hold my hand' when there isn't a hand left to hold or my aching unfit legs or the expense or any of the other things I could focus on.  But I won't.  Life is short and to hear Oliver say at the end of a run 'that was crazy!' made it all worth it. Oh and there is no better feeling than taking off those damn ski boots.

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