August is button month

I am ready for August!  To celebrate and taking a bit of a cue from Collete's how to develop good sewing habits I have decided that all the outfits I make this month will involve buttons!!  Yes buttons and specifically button holes.  Outrageous I know!  But I want to be a better sewer so this month I am going to attempt some discipline (unless of course I win the pattern over at Handmade by Carolyn and then that jacket might be my one exception!!! ).   So, a couple of outfits that I would like to make that will challenge my previous unwritten no button hole policy:
1.  Banksia Top by Megan Nielsen.  Liberty fabric and buttons already purchased for this one so I should definitely get this one done this month and
2.  no. 15 drape cardigan from She has a Mannish Style.  There are plenty of buttons on that little beauty!!

And we'll see what else pops up during the month!  But it must have buttons and a buttonhole!!!


  1. Oh, I love your sewing plans; that Japanese book has such fun and interesting designs, doesn't it? and the banksia top is my favourite from her range... I cannot wait to see your new creations!
    (sorry, I drew another name, but I am planning to give more away soon :) )

  2. That's ok! I have written the pattern number down in case the mood inspires me another time. I must not be distracted this month- it's buttons for me!
    I do love the 'mannish style' book.. Lots of great things in there.