ready for snow

About ten years ago I did a knitting course for beginners and managed to whip out a scarf and a couple of beanies.  Nothing since of course.  I never ventured past knit 1 purl 1.  Over the last year, I've often thought of how much I'd love a knitting machine but haven't done anything about it and plus where on earth would I put it.
We are off to the snow for a few days on Sunday so I had this romantic idea of me sitting in front of the fire knitting or crocheting something.  I took off down to the local wool shop and bought a crochet needle, but even with a bit of tuition from my mum, who in my childhood used to crochet all manner of things including crocheted bikinis..I couldn't quite get the hang of it.  So, I've pulled out some old knitting needles and so will spend tonight casting on!  I've no idea what I'm making.  A scarf?  A baby blanket?  A wash cloth? Who cares.  I'll probably be over it by the time we even pack to go, but for now, I'm into the idea of it....and, even though my sewing corner is smack bang in the middle of the house and the boys and the noise and the ruckus, sometimes I do feel as if I have my back to them so an activity that turns me around is probably good.  
Of course just sitting doing nothing would probably also be good but I would have to work harder on that... and then I would really feel like I should be doing housework.


  1. I knit but I have also been unable to grasp the art of crochet. Knitting is great though as it can be done in front of the tv! The rowan yarn looks beautiful and if you've made beanies I really think you could tackle anything. Just think about the snow outside, sitting by the fire, warming your feet in some handknitted socks... now there's a challenge!

  2. Oh, I just love the colour of that yummy wool you have chosen! Knitting is a really wonderful skill to have, productive as well as meditative. I find it highly addictive :)