Suger tee in situ PLUS some new Liberty!!!

Finally here are a couple of pictures of the sugar tee I made in January.  You might remember I didn't have quite enough fabric so the length is a result of fabric limitations.  It is a great tee and one that I wear a lot.

In exciting news I am now the proud owner of some new Liberty fabric from the 2013 Spring Summer Art Collection.  You can see all the details in my Library of Liberty fabrics.
Archipelago A Tana Lawn
Archipelago A
First up is the Archipelago A.  I'm going to sew Tilly's Mathilde Blouse (which I purchased the minute I saw it launched on her website this week) with this fabric.  I just love the little peeping statues in amongst the flowers.
Tresco A
The Tresco is just stunning.  The water colour is perfect - which obviously other people thought too as there was only half a metre left.  I bought it anyway, as you never know when you might need it.  I know, that's not exactly stash busting is it?
Richard and Lyla A Tana Lawn
Richard and Lyla A
There is something strangely compelling about the Richard and Lyla print.  It is a fabric that I've thought often about after seeing it for the first time at Addicted to Fabric and knew that if I didn't buy it I'd regret it.  I'm wondering whether this might be good as a button up shirt or shirt dress?


  1. Thumbs up! The print is lovely! I think any of the new fabrics in your collection will look great as a shirt dress! Go for it ;-)

  2. I love the combination of fabric and trims you used on this tee. Thanks for showing us.

  3. Thanks Inna! It's always exciting to buy some gorgeous new fabric :)

  4. Thanks Katherine. I hope you make one!

  5. Awesome fabric choices! Can't wait to see your Mathilde Blouse. Glad I found your blog :)

  6. Thanks Tilly. So lovely to see you here! Just cut out the pattern and will start cutting the fabric tomorrow. Eeeek.