Mathilde all tucked in and a bit about the fit

I said the other day that I would post photos of me wearing the Mathilde all tucked in, so here they are.  It looks preeettty doesn't it. (I didn't make the skirt - sadly).

Also I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about the fit. Morgan from Crab and Bee asked me whether I had to make any adjustments to the blouse, and given I foolishly left out that vital bit of information when I first posted about the blouse, I thought I'd post about it today.

The answer is no.  I didn't make any adjustments, but I did um and aah about what size to cut. Here's where I fell into the sizing:
Bust: 2- 3
Waist:  2 -3
Hips: 1 - 2
Tilly kindly provides the dimensions of the finished blouse with the pattern so that helped a bit and being a person who prefers to wear things a bit looser than tighter I opted for the 3.  Now that it's made up I certainly could have made the size 2 but it's not hanging off my shoulders too much - which was my main concern.  When I make it again, I might make a 2 but maybe not.


  1. ooo - it looks lovely tucked in too!

  2. Both the fabric and the pattern really suit your style. I like in and out

  3. Thanks for this post! It looks great tucked in too!

  4. So pretty and romantic.

  5. Looks so lovely Kirsty! I am always in awe of your skills when I visit here...
    Ronnie xo

  6. That looks really lovely on you. How are the buttons at the back functionally - i.e., do you need an assistant to do them up?

  7. Thanks Zo, luckily my head just slips on through so I don't need to undo the buttons. I think I read someone has to undo the first one, which I imagine wouldn't be too hard, but yes, it would be akward to do them all up!

  8. Thanks so much Amy. It's great that it's so versatile.

  9. it looks absolutely lovely on you, so pretty and feminine. Very "you" in fact :)

  10. What a beautiful blouse. I really love it tucked in - a whole different look!

  11. Thanks Carolyn! I feel that too, that it's very me..:)

  12. Please can I ask, do you think it's drapey enough in cotton lawn. I have some prized liberty fabric I don't want to waste if it doesn't work with this blouse. Do you end up crinkled at the end of the day??

  13. Hi Amy, Thanks for the question.
    This blouse is made from Liberty tana lawn and I love the way it drapes and feels. I am a little bit biased though as I do love to make clothes from Liberty. I don't think you end up too crinkled at the end of the day.

    1. Maybe I will risk it then. You've got to use your fabric some time right!? Have you heard of Shaukat fabrics by the way? Even delivering to oz it might be a cheaper way to indulge your love for liberty