Liberty scrap bookmark

First up, pop over to Tilly and the Buttons for her feature on some Mathilde Blouse makes.  I'm there and in some pretty gorgeous company!!

I have mentioned here before my absolute love for Mary Stewart and her mix of romance and crime. Back then I was reading my 5th book of hers and now, well I'm way past that with another two loaded on the kindle ready to go. Yep.  I love them. Yes, there is always a happy ending but is that so bad really?  In fact that's probably why I love them. 
Liberty scrap bookmark
I've been talking about these books to my neighbour at work and she hasn't been able to find them here and as she doesn't have a kindle I thought I'd get one for her for her birthday.

I also thought I'd make a quick little lo-fi Liberty book mark to go with it.  I wouldn't exactly call it stash busting but I did use up a tiny bit of the fabric from my Mathilde blouse (the little statues of course) and also some fabric from my little Liberty pack I got last year for my birthday.
Liberty scrap bookmark
I have read tutorials where they put cardboard in the bookmark, but this one, despite having a little bit of iron on facing is sans cardboard and pretty floppy.

I finished in record time my Marion Charlotte today so hope to post photos tomorrow as I'll definitely be wearing it to work. With Ben being awayI just need to balance the camera precariously on some garden furniture  for some self portraits..time to get a tripod perhaps!

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  1. Love the bookmark Kirsty, any Liberty is too good to throw away!