Top 5 of 2013: the HITS

Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series
By now you will have seen this logo around the sewing blogs. Yes, Gillian is again hosting this annual reflection series. Do head on over to her blog, pick up a logo and join in.

I participated last year and really enjoyed reflecting back on the year and to look ahead to 2013 that I was happy that we were going to do it all again this year.  To check out all my makes from this year head on over here and then click through to clothes, gifts or miscellaneous makes.

Today, the HITS in no particular order.  But they all have one thing in common - pattern!

1. The Mathildes
Richard and Lyla Mathilde
Tilly launched the Mathilde pattern early this year and it was instant love. I just adore it.  I feel like it is a pattern that is so perfectly me. As someone who loves to sew with Liberty of London fabric, I have had to restrain myself from sewing up many many more of these. As I think it is the perfect marriage of fabric and a pattern.  I have made two and have the fabric for a third ready to go, which I keep delaying thinking that maybe I already have too many of these in the cupboard. I should proably go down a size for the fit across the neck.. but I don't even care.  I love everything about this pattern - the sleeves, the buttons.. aaah, it all.
Archipelago Mathilde
2. Tessuti patterns: New York Cape & Tokyo Jacket
I had some great success sewing up some of the downloadable patterns available from Tessuti this year. These patterns are stylish and well drafted with very clear instructions. 

I made up the New York Cape with fabric from Addicted to Fabric and I wore this all through autumn and winter. While I could have done a slightly better job on parts of the wool binding, it was a big winner. In my opinion, the perfect match of fabric, pattern and personal style. 
In Spring  made up the Tokyo jacket in a stretch cotton which was against the fabric suggestions on the packet - but  I just love this jacket. It is such a great casual spring time jacket that makes me feel great everytime I wear it.. and I wear it ALOT!  
Tessuti Tokyo Flower Show Jacket

3. Gathered Spring Gathered Skirt with a hint of fluro
This is just a fun skirt to wear.  I love the fabric, the colours are so great. The skirt is simple, but it was self drafted skirt with an invisible zip, pockets and a fab aqua lining. I wear this skirt at least once a week at the moment to work and always makes me smile.
4. Pauline Alice patterns: Cami & Malvorosa
And to think I wasn't going to make up the Cami after I did the muslinPauline Alice is a new name in Independent patternmaking but she has a great style and already I am a loyal follower.  I love both the dresses I made from her patterns this year and I really need to get the Ninot jacket next.

Cami in Joy and Sorrow
Malvorosa in Ranga
It wouldn't be a top 5 without mentioning this dress which I finished in June.  I wore this through winter and now I'm wearing it in Summer with bare legs. I adore the print and the drop waist dress was a real trend for me this year. 

I'm going to sneak in some honourable mentions now..

The Valentino silk scout
It felt like a real privilege to sew with Valentino Silk and I'm so glad I managed to sew it without stuffing it up!
I am currently wearing these ALL the time on weekends. They go with every single top I own. I didn't do the best sewing ever on the waistband or zip so I could have put them in the fail list, but the fabric and pattern are a great combo for me so they get an honourable mention in the Hits!

I'm just heading off to buy the Ninot jacket pattern... see you with the FAILS next.


  1. Oh I'm so happy to hear how much you love the Mathilde blouse! It's been a pleasure following your sewing this year - you make such lovely things.

  2. You made so many fantastic pieces this year, I couldn't even begin to pick a favorite!

  3. What an amazing year in sewing, Kirsty! As always, I'm super impressed with how nicely you match gorgeous print fabrics with patterns.

  4. Nice work! Have a great Christmas!

  5. I just couldn´t pick a favourite! You´ve made such beautiful pieces this year! And always with great taste for prints!

  6. Hi Kirsty, I'm so happy to have found you again after my lost all my blogs fiasco early this year! Looks like I've missed a stunning year of sewing from you, your personal style awareness is something I admire so much, but I'm happy I'll be following along again!

  7. I love all of these! The patterns fabrics and colours you choose are gorgeous. I am so happy to have found your blog and I can't wait to see what you make in 2014.

  8. Thanks Shell for your super kind words. And welcome back :)

  9. Thanks Merche - let's hope 2014 is a good sewing year as well :)

  10. Thanks Sarah! Happy belated Christmas to you as well x

  11. I love all your hits! What a successful year. It must be lovely looking into your wardrobe each morning.