FINISHED! Chatter Saunio III

I've been up to a few things lately including testing a pair of trousers so a palette cleanser is always a lovely relief.  I wandered into Addicted to Fabric the other weekend and picked up 1.5m of this dark navy polyester/ spandex thick textured knit called 'chatter'. I love a thick textured spongy knit and I love the Saunio cardigan by Named Patterns, so it wasn't long before this knit made it's way to a Saunio.  
I've made this pattern twice before, a selfish one here and a scuba one here so it was a straightforward make. I cut it out on Friday night and had all but the hem sewn up at CBR Sewing Crew. It was a very productive day - have you seen Amanda's dress!  I think I'm getting the hang of social sewing. 
I've said it before, but this cardigan/jacket patternis a real work winner. It looks classy, but the knit fabric makes it comfortable. The collar and fronts are understitched. It has dropped sleeves (of course) which are top stitched down and the extra cross at the front allows it to wrap across the front for a bit of a self cuddle when it's cool, with a nice swing at the back. Winner!

The badly ironed shirt underneath is a Nani Iro make using Liberty of London 'Ornithology'. One of my all time favourite makes- mainly because of the great fabric. Having a nice jacket like this means that my short sleeve blouses can get a bit of a run during winter! Double winner. 

FINISHED! An Oxford Blouse

When the Spring Summer 2015 Pictures and Conversations Liberty fabric collection was released I was immediately drawn to the garish colours of Oxford A.  I then proceeded to go on holidays and delay any Liberty fabric buying until I returned. Several months passed and I still hadn't caught up with the latest Liberty release. The shame! But I was quickly kicked into action when I saw Tilly's pussy bow blouse (in colourway B) and Anna's top. Both reminded me how much I liked this print.   
Liberty Art Fabrics Oxford A Tana Lawn Cotton
Here is the print story from Liberty:

'What is the use of a design collection', thought Alice, 'without pictures or conversations'. And in another moment she was considering how in the world to create one.'
'Pictures and Conversations' celebrates the 150th anniversary of the first publication of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. Both design and colour were inspired by pictures and conversations within 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass' and experiences related to them.

Oxford Liberty fabric is inspired by a trip to Oxford and is created from Liberty scarves from the late 1960s. These have been blended with personal experiences obtained when the in-house design studio were fortunate enough to have a private guided ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ tour around Christ Church water meadows and the streets of Oxford, lead by expert and author Mark Davies.

'Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do.' – Lewis Carroll

The print is not for the faint hearted, so it wasn't immediately obvious to me what I would make up. My love affair for the Clean and Natural peplum hasn't cooled and I have been thinking for a long time of making the Gathered Blouse from She has a Mannish Style (aka She Wears the Pants) so my mind started playing with the two patterns. I didn't want anything too complicated with this fabric, but I was yearning for a little bit of interest.
Alove child blouse between the two patterns was born. I used the bodice and sleeves from Clean and Natural with the hem line and sleeve cuffs from the Gathered Blouse. I did just a simple pleat on the sleeve. 
The back closes with a self covered button. I think I probably could have provided a little more length, but this seems to be an achilles heel as I'm constantly saying that about the length of my tops. As a result it has a teeny tiny hem.
I really like this and wore it with skinnier pants for work on Wednesday, where I think it was a winner.  A bit short yes maybe, but a winner nonetheless. I just can't get enough of the dropped sleeves and high neckline of this pattern.  But for now I'll have to park this pattern as I have a CBR frocktails dress to dream up.

FINISHED! A clean and natural jumpsuit!

Jumpsuits have been on my watch list for a little while now. DebbieChristine (I challenge anyone to find a person who has made more jumpsuits than Christine!) and Rosie  have been subjected to many a jumpsuit tagged with their names on instagram.  #operationjumpsuit became almost my number one occupation.  It's a well worn story now that I originally bought the Japanese pattern book  'Clean and Natural' because of the 'all in one' in it.  I hesitated making it up because I wanted sleeves so continued to look at other patterns.  I quite like a button down jumpsuit but I often came back to the simplicity of this particular design.
Over the Easter break I finally had an 'ah ha' moment and decided to combine my two loves in Clean and Natural: the peplum top and the jumpsuit. I just can't stop with the dropped sleeve and high neck look of that peplum top. I had a whole stash of lush chambray in my stash that I'd bought from Addicted to Fabric for exactly this outfit so my perfect jumpsuit was born.
There was a bit of hacking with the top I'll admit but nothing that was particularly troublesome. It was just a matter of angling the sides in more so that there wasn't gathering required. I did put in two darts as per the original design.  Otherwise, it is basically out of the box pattern with about 3/4 inch taken off the top of the pants so they weren't quite so 'high pants'. The legs are as per the pattern so again, if you are taller than 5'2" - extend them!  I however am quite taken with the tapered crop style of these.  
The original design has elastic only at the back but after trying both options decided on elastic all the way around for a bit more 'definition'.  The back is closed with an invisible zip.  The sleeves were originally going to have elastic in the wrists, but after trying it on so many times with the sleeves rolled up this style really grew on me and I can imagine wearing it with a skivvy underneath as the weather turns even cooler.

I completely love  this make.  It is so fun to wear and goes great with my gorgeous vintage Liberty of London scarf that I received last year from the ever generous Jen. This is going to be a go to Autumn outfit for sure.  Warning - there will be more jumpsuits and in fact I bought some new Liberty the other day and when it arrived I felt like it would be perfect for another one of these jumpsuits with slightly adjusted sleeves.  Seasonally inappropriate perhaps, but yes, destined to be another jumpsuit!
Do you have a favourite jumpsuit pattern?  Will jumpsuits take off like culottes?