FINISHED! A sketch magellan

My love for the ruffle has no bounds at the moment and my latest make - well finished a month ago - was the new at that time Magellan blouse by Aime Comme Marie. Aime Comme Marie are another French pattern company that I'm smitten with, who provide for us French language amateurs, a page of English translation of the pattern at the back of the printed booklet.  It was my first time making up one of their patterns and am now keen to continue working through  their catalogue.
Image result for sketch a liberty fabric
I used Sketch A from the Spring/Summer 2016 Liberty collection.  Of course.
All the photos here are with the shirt out, but in fact I probably wear it most tucked into my Esther Shorts. It's the perfect blouse for them, and hence now I'm on the job of making some longer Esthers for work to suit my wardrobe of ruffle blouses.
I made up my standard size 36. The one thing I love about all the French companies that I've sewn with is that the sizing is standard and it reflects the standardised clothing sizing that I also see in France. In Australia from one shop to another I feel like the sizing is different and the sizing for patterns is also different. I never seem to have to really think with French companies - or Pauline Alice patterns. Anyway I digress. 
As has become my habit, I lengthened the sleeves slightly to below the elbows. The sleeve heads have an unusual (well to me) two darts. To be honest not sure I'm won over by the two darts at the sleeve head. It feels a bit fiddly to me and certainly doesn't add to the fit of the sleeve. It's not awful but I wonder if it's really necessary. Have you seen such a thing before?
I only had two buttons at home that I liked in the stash, so went with only two buttons on the back. The ruffle was easy enough to put on but I wonder if next time I might make it slightly wider.  All the finished Magellans that I've seen made up have an overlocked edge, but I find that slightly messy, so did a tiny rolled hem on my machine - which meant that the width of the ruffle is probably slightly smaller than it could be. 
So all in all, another fab ruffle make which is in high high rotation. And it won't be the last!  Do yourself a favour and go and search for the other great Magellans out there... my favourite is this one!  Oh this has to be copied! Until next time, bon ruffles!

FINISHED! More Esthers

I had the last week of January off, coinciding with the last week of school holidays and managed to whip up two more pairs Esther shorts from small scraps in the stash during the little staycation. I now find myself in Week 4 of school and can't exactly account for the time. So here, better late than never a couple more pairs of Tessuti Esther shorts. That makes 4 pairs, with no end in sight. The first two are here.  
The first pair I made up using left over fabric from my Xerea dress.  These, despite the dodgey photo are my best fitting pair. I went down another half size with these and the fit is spot on with the slight stretch in the denim. The colour is excellent and it was great to rediscover tops in my wardrobe that I hadn't worn in ages which are perfect with these shorts, such as this Grainline Archer which normally languishes in my wardrobe.
 The second of the January Esthers, are this pair made with the remains of my CBR frocktails dress, which appropriately is from fabric from Tessuti purchased back in December 2014.  It is heavy weight and textured and quite sratchy so these are lined.
The fit of these are a bit snug in the waist because of the fabric but that doesn't stop me wearing them. I love these and of course paired with the ubiquitous stripe top feels pretty darn perfect. I originally bought this fabric to make a pair of culottes and while now I think that might have been an outrageous idea, these shorts are a good second best.
This isn't the end of my Esther making, but for now have taken a rest from shorts. I had been attempting swimwear thanks to the sewalong hosted by Susan, but now the siren song of ruffles and Liberty is too strong and have been lured into sewing up the new Aime Comme Marie pattern.  What are you sewing?

FINISHED! Blouse Pierrot

I am quite smitten with the patterns of Delphine et Morissette and after my last make la brune, I quickly jumped on the release of their latest pattern, la blouse pierrot. Yes, as the name suggests this is blouse with a rufflle neck, or as has been coined by the Canberra Sewing Crew, the neck peplum. There aren't any line drawings available, so the picture from the Delphine et Morissette website provides you with the best view of the lines of this blouse.
I made up mine in  Liberty but as the fabric hasn't photographed so well, I have included a richer photo below. The print is Opie (thanks Michelle for recognising the print), which I bought at Addicted to Fabric during their December sales.  Opie is from the Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

I originally bought this fabric to make la blouse dahlia by Dessine Moi un Patron, but was too impatient to wait for the paper pattern to be sent from France (and the price in Australian dollars was a bit high) so settled instead on the fun pierrot. 

As I said yesterday on Instagram, I acknowledge that a ruffle neck isn't exactly for everyone, and as I was making it I was mentally thinking that I could just leave the neck off, but once it was done I couldn't resist it. I adore it.  And while I think that I partly look like I'm wearing a 60's maternity smock I can't wait to wear this to work!  It is quite an Autumnal look so will be better with a change in season. 
Despite having some basic French, and a French husband, I paid no attention to the instructions. They were a bit beyond my French and there is a lot of explanation so I just winged it. There is a 'pas de pas' on the blog, some photo instructions, but again I only referred briefly to these.   
Partly because I was winging the instructions, partly because I could hear Amanda calling 'pirate shirt' but mainly because I prefer the silhouette of less flared sleeves, instead of staying with the puffier sleeves with the button cuff, I simply slimmed to arms down to the wrist.  Certainly made for easier sewing!  The blouse is quite airy, with a gathered front. The back is not gathered.
I had a little bit of trouble getting the sleeves in but I think that might have been related to my tracing of the pattern onto paper as the pattern was partially layered.  I hand stitched the binding onto the neck and the back of the neck is closed with a self covered button. 
So there we have it. La Pierrot. I don't think I'll have a lot of these in my wardrobe but I'm very happy with this one.