Renovation on the finished pleated pants

Today I returned to work and was very excited about wearing my new pleated papercut pattern pants.  But, to be honest, I had been worried about the fit of these since I made them... I had made them two sizes too big and wasn't sure that I had adjusted them sufficiently.  I thought I might be able to get away with the 'baggy look' and so on the weekend I bought a cute belt to go with them thinking this might help. But, well, not so much!
Before - not so bad from the front with my hands in my pockets..
I wore them because I was committed to them and it was my first day back and I wanted to wear some colour. And I did get lots of lovely compliments.  Think was clearly because of the pattern and colour rather than the fit.  Check out this photo of my bottom I made Oliver take when we got home this afternoon to confirm my worst fears of bagginess.
Eeek - crotch too long and way too baggy!!!
All day I was fiddling with them and working out how I was going to adjust them.  I had even contemplated taking them to a local adjustment place rather than face major renovations myself.
Anyway, I devised a plan to adjust in the crotch and in the leg a bit.  It was a cheat sort of renovation.  More like a slap of paint rather than any wall removals, but I think it does the trick sufficiently.
I really love these pants and couldn't face not being able to wear them so I think is a good compromise.
Next time...  The right size!!  So here they are post adjustments:
Better from the side now..
An embarrassing bottom shot but better than before - not hemmed properly in this photo
And now pretty happy despite the look on my face.


  1. I think they look great! They are bold in cut and colour, and if I saw you on the street I'd admire them! :) Don't be too picky - I'm impressed that you went back and made some changes, but I hope you can just enjoy them now!

  2. Thanks Gillian, you are so sweet! I think that I can relax about them now..... !!