Marion: A vision in paisley denim x2

I'm sure you've heard this story before: Last week I popped into the fabric shop to get buttons for my Mathilde blouse and walked out with fabric.  Yep!

The fabric in question is 'Marion' an indigo dyed paisley denim (58% cotton, 40% poly, 2% spandex).  As soon as I saw it I knew I needed it to make another Charlotte Skirt.  One for autumn. The Charlotte is such a classy shape, I really enjoy wearing that style to work and I know that this fabric will be just perfect, it doesn't really look like denim (except when you turn it over). I grabbed the roll and bought 2 metres.

Today, we had a friend of Oliver's over to play which meant they were entertaining each other and Elliot so I snuck in some sewing time.
After cutting out the Charlotte skirt I found that I had over a metre left  as I was able to put all the pieces side by side.  This by the way is going to be such a nice make.  I'm not planning to line it and from the small bit of sewing I did today, the material is sturdy but soft so holds well for darts (not like the linen and the lining of my first Charlotte). A real pleasure.

I got to thinking what on earth will I do with all that denim left over. I think it would be a bit 80s to do a matching vest or jacket don't you think? Actually it could work, but no, instead I'm going to make a Grainline Moss skirt

I am having great visions of both skirts.  Charlotte for work and being smart and sexy and the Moss for all other times when I can wear a miniskirt.  The Marion Moss being a cool and stylish little workhorse on our trip to France which is only 3 weeks away (eeeek).  Stockings, ankle boots, a little Moss skirt and a Briar perhaps!? Why not!!  Mmm, I do need to go to the fabric shop tomorrow to get zippers for all these skirts, so perhaps I'll spot something for another Briar there!!!

But first the Marion Charlotte.

P.S  Please don't tell me it's weird to have two skirts in the same fabric! I've already work shopped that and
P.P. S I love it when clothes have a name rather than a number!


  1. And I love when fabrics have a name. Mine don´t! :(
    I should have a word with the shop assistant . For instance today I bought 25 cm. of the most expensive pailletes fabric. 40 euros per meter. That should have a name. Robbery paillets, perhaps? ;)
    Yours look terrific and I wouldn´t mind having two skirts made of the same fabric if it is so pretty!
    Looking forwards to see the result! Happy sewing!

  2. Ha ha ha, I love your name for it, although I am sure your fabric is absolutely divine!! What are you making from it ? We must be able to come up with a more glamorous name for it! :)

  3. Good for you - my daughter was at a science fair this morning so I had some time to work on a muslin and also print out the Mathilde pattern sheets. I just love getting uninterrupted sewing time during the day (usually I'm staying up way too late at night to fit it in). I think it's perfectly fine to have two skirts in the same fabric especially since they'll look so totally different. A trip to France sounds wonderful!

  4. I'm the same with the staying up late. What are you making at the moment? The Mathilde or something else?

  5. The muslin is for a Cordova jacket (Sewaholic). I posted some pics on my Flickr. I'm having a fitting issue since I have a slight curvature in my back so if you have any suggestions, please let me know. The muslin looks better on my dress form than on me! I saw you posted a Liberty bookmark - very pretty!

  6. I think the fit is just perfect on you in the photos. Plus we never really stand perfectly still!

  7. I love this fabric - looks like it will make a perfect autumn skirt, or skirts! I also don't think there's anything wrong with two skirts out the same fabric, particularly when they're such different styles. Looking forward to seeing them finished!

  8. Thank you for the feedback! Maybe I am being too picky. I picked up a pretty linen blend for my Mathilde today (it's in the wash now). I just need more time to sew!