The final post in the Top 5 of 2013 series.   There is such a long list of sewers who have taken part in this annual event- check over with Gillian for the full list.  

First a quick reflection on 2013. I loved a lot of my 2013 makes (though I still look at them with critical eyes and think I could have sewn them better), I virtually 'met' heaps of supportive sewers, guest posted and was featured in Sew Liberty. I wore a large percentage of me mades during the year, but mainly blouses, skirts and dresses oh and one swimsuit.

During the year I also took on a Sewing Dare from Gillian and Maria, which is such a fun outfit
Sewing dare outfit in the wild!
to have in the wardrobe.  I knitted using double pointed needles (but only baby leg warmers and baby beanies) and I abandoned only one garment., the dastardly Rigel Bomber.

My goals for 2013, were:
  1. Me Made May - Yes!  And will do again in 2014. Despite the sometimes annoying burden of the daily photo, there is such great camaraderie that it is a bit addictive. Like Gabrielle last year, maybe in 2014 I should try and take photos at different locations. 
  2. Sew Independent Pattern Makers - Yes, but not exclusively. I did try out new patterns by Tilly, Papercut Patterns, Pauline Alice, Sinbad and Sailor, By Hand London, Tessuti and Grainline. 
  3. Choose Wisely - I think I did. I tried not to overcommit. I sometimes felt the pressure to have something new to post, but in 2013 took on some slightly longer (for me) projects. I bought patterns though that I'm never going to make up so I need to do another giveaway soon I think. 
  4. Keep on improving - this year I made muslins for the first time (quick and dirty but they were made). I tackled marginally more difficult projects, but in 2014 I'd really like to be able to talk about a make without feeling like I have to point out all the problems with it.
  5. Be organised - I started the year with a spreadsheet of all my makes but gave up on it.  I think I might set up a binder/book like Gail to better record my projects.  I didn't accumulate much of a stash but have a few pieces that need sewing up.
Anyway, not a bad scorecard for the year.  So with all that in mind, here are my 2014 Goals

1. Canberra sewers group/meetup.

There has been talk of this lately with Amanda and Maria, and Myra and Jen and I'm sure there are other Canberra sewers who might be interested in a catchup - regular or once off.  It seems a shame to live in such a small city and not try for a meetup. Maria suggested one for Me Made May which is a great idea.  Perhaps an earlier one could also be organised and I really like the idea of a regular sewing catchup.

2. Keep on improving

Maybe this year I might even build project checklists that ensure I read the instructions first (!) and allow sewing in smaller increments to take the 'rush factor' out of each garment.  That sounds ominous but I like a checklist and I would like to be proud of the sewing on my garments this year.

I'm going to continue to take online courses to build on skills (I'll know what I need to learn because I'll have read the instructions first). I would like to take a course but the times don't work for me so I think this year I will need to do 'virtual' classes. 

Oh and maybe sometimes I might make a muslin 

3.  Try the things that seem too hard and master the things I have tried.

It's probably destined for failure if I put a specific make on this list, but I really want to do the Rigel Bomber and after seeing the flower bomber on Lily Sage and co in THE Fabric of 2013 I am more determined than ever to get this made up. I just need the right fabric now.

This year I should master zippers.  And shirts collars. End of story.

4. Knit Socks ...?

I really want to be a sock knitter. I feel like all the cool kids do it and I want to be able to do it as well. We have a few holidays planned this year including France in December/January and remembering how I was last year away from sewing for so long I really want to master this. Knitting those little baby leg warmers on dpn was really fun but surely I can do more than that?  
Outside la droguerie, Strasbourg
That's enough goals for 2014!

Thanks everyone for all your comments and support and friendship over 2013.  It really is an amazing community.  Hope to see some of you in person in 2014.

 Happy days of sewing and crafting for 2014. 


  1. Yes, sock knitting! That sounds like a great idea. I had a go at some beading on my last trip away. And am thinking (due to my lack of knitting skills) I might consider hand sewing a teddy bear if we end up moving in the new year and I am away from my beloved machine for a bit. I will look forward to seeing your bomber in 2014 and all of your other great creations too. ;-)

  2. Shell from SewEnSowJanuary 3, 2014 at 7:19 PM

    A great scorecard for the year! A sewing meetup sounds fun, I'll put that idea out to the universe for finding some peeps down here :)

  3. I love sock knitting! I can recommend the book 'Getting Started Knitting Socks' by Ann Budd. I could already knit and the instructions in this book were so good it was all I needed to knit my first socks. Worked for me anyway!

  4. I really like your blog and what you sew. Still envious of the glitterysparkly skirt ;)

    Are you planning on going to Strasbourg again? I live fairly close, if you don't want to do the fabric shopping on your own :D
    Have a happy and sewtastic 2014!

  5. Hi and yes! We will definitely be in Strasbourg as that is where a lot of Ben's family live. Would love to go fabric shopping. Happy 2014 to you as well x

  6. Thanks for the recommendation. I can knit but not well and not very intricate - not like you, but I will definitely give it a go.

  7. Thanks Shell - and you never know who might be around for a meetup.

  8. Oh my knitting is rudimentary at best but it's nice to have a little crafty project on the go. Where will you move to? Out of Sydney?

  9. Oh wow..i am famous! Hehe! I am so excited to meet you for a sewing chatalong soon...hopefully before May, that's an age away! I am envious of the france trip, we would love to do something similar but alas with 5 kids its too expensive!! I will be having a solo trip to the uk for my sisters wedding though...so i had better start stalking uk bloggers for fabric store inspiration! Speaking of which, i was let loose for 45mins in rathdowne fabrics in melb last week. What ensued was fabulous. i swear i dove headfirst into their remenant bins in search of cheap beauties and that i did...wool coating, swimsuit, stretch cotton, cotton voile, african wax print, suiting....MINE...ALL MINE! So my resolution is to sew...not just buy fabric...so i might actually have something to wear come May! Ha! Happy New Year! X

  10. Maybe, we have to make a final decision at the end of next week whether we go or stay in Sydney. The move would be to Kansas for my husbands work. I'm a little in limbo right now and I think my choice of things to make is starting to show this too ;-).

  11. I can so sympathise. Earlier in 2013 we had to decide if we would move to Silicon Valley for Ben's work as well. It was a torturous process/decision and I think my Laurel was a product of just being preoccupied by it. Good luck in deciding x

  12. I've started my sewing hobby with independent pattens...there are SO many patterns out there and it seemed a good way not to be overwhelmed. I'm in Sydney - just up the road from Canberra...just in case a sewing catchup is ever organized!

  13. If you do a Canberra sewers catch-up I would be interested! I would love to meet some other sewers.
    (I am also trying to lurk blogs less and comment more this year!)

  14. I'm so glad that I found your blog during the Charlotte sewalong! It's been fun following along to see all the gorgeous things you've made this year. I also want this year to be one where I really improve my sewing. I started Crafty's knit lab, but have only learned to cast on at this point.

  15. Hi, knitting is great especially when you need to keep your hands busy. I started with simple socks and then progressed to cardigans and now smock dresses. So don't think you can't knit :) great blog by the way.

  16. Wow! Smock dresses. That is incredible.I'd love to see them. That progression gives me hope for my own knitting skills.

  17. Can you believe that was only a year ago! It feels so much longer. Yes, I started the knit lab last year too but because she knits the other way to me (continental or the other I can never remember) I got all lost with the fingers. I've now enrolled in a sock knitting course of Creative Bug... I must stick it out:)

  18. I'm thinking about making a Pinterest page to put my knitting up but I just don't have the motivation or perseverance :) if you are ever in Sydney there is an AMAZING wool store called Morris and Sons on York street.