Archer Appreciation Month - A plan!

So, I'm a little bit late to the party, but I'm in for Archer Appreciation month hosted by Lucky Lucille and Miss Crayola Creepy! After purchasing this pattern within seconds of it being released back in February, I'm finally getting around to making it up.
Grainline Studio | Archer Appreciation Month
Spurred on partly by the release of some new season Liberty at Tessuti and one in particular that I hope will make a very cute Archer (I'll know for sure when it arrives next week) and second, well, right now I feel like I need the discipline of a sewalong to get me out of a rut and to keep me calmly sewing through the Christmas season instead of panic sewing.  Oh there will be plenty of panic present preparation and a little bit of panic Christmas sewing, but I feel like I need this to keep me sane.
Unlike Amy, who managed to sew her fourth (!!!) Archer up in a day (eeek??!!)  I'm just planning on having this done by 31 December (ok - I'll probably try and rush it earlier but let's start out with a realistic date given I'll be away from the 23 - 27 December) just in time to make the Archer Appreciation deadline.

I've set out steps in line with Jen's sewalong that she did earlier in the year.
  1. Assemble Pattern Completed Friday 13th! 
  2. Cut Muslin
  3. Sew Muslin
  4. Make changes 
  5. Prepare fabric
  6. Cut fabric
  7. Interfacing
  8. Make button bands
  9. Pockets
  10. Assemble Back 
  11. Attach yoke (method 1 or method 2)
  12. Sleeve plackets
  13. Sleeves and side seams
  14. Collar
  15. Cuffs and hem
  16. Buttons
Mmm, 16 steps by 31 December 2013 in amongst Christmas mania?  Do-able I think.

Are you managing to sew for yourself while also prepare for Christmas? 

Btw, does anyone know how to watch the Liberty of London 4 part TV show in Australia?


  1. I sewed up my first Archer in three days... It seems like a lot of work but the pattern is so well-drafted and the explanation (especially the sewalong posts) so clear sewing the thing becomes a breeze! Good luck!

  2. I hope we can watch the Christmas Special of the Great British Sewing bee too.
    Good luck with the sewing plans, I look forward to seeing it made up.

  3. I´m sure this one is going to be ready before schedule! Because when we sew against the clock, we usually find the oddest moments to get to it.
    It´s 8 AM here, I got up at 6 and I´m cutting a skirt. See? the oddest moments! :D

  4. Look forward to seeing yours! I'm holding out until autumn - too much fun summer sewing to get through! But I do have some special liberty of my own that has been hallmarked for a shirt, so maybe it will become an archer!

  5. I'm trying to finish my second Archer before christmas, but interfacing the wrong side of your fabric for the collar and only finding this out after you've sewn it, isn't really helping time wise.. Looking forwards to your Archer!

  6. You are right about fun summer sewing... too many fun things to make.

  7. You are so right Merche! Especially with kids we find the oddest times. Happy skirt sewing.

  8. Thanks.. yes! I hope we can watch it too. I seem to remember being able to watch it on youtube... so hopefully that will work again.

  9. Thanks Annette.. Jen really does a great job with her patterns.

  10. Great plan! Can't wait to see it!!