Fete Making: Christmas Stockings

My Cami is coming along, but I'm bookending days at the moment with crafting for this fete on 26 October. (I'm running the Craft and Handmade Stall at this fete) and then for the school fete the week after.

Do you ever make for fetes? What sorts of things do you make?
Christmas stockings
I never know what to make..  This time I'm making all sorts of different things.  Most recently I've made these Christmas stockings using this tutorial.

The fabric is from Robert Kaufman 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' which I had in my stash.

They are really fun to make. So simple! Hopefully someone will buy them - otherwise my niece and nephews will get them for Christmas!


  1. Gah! these are too dang cute- they will be snaffled up in no time! And I am team chocolate crackles when it comes to fetes- mostly so I can eat some as I make them!

  2. Ooh, I bet these go really quickly. I don't sew for fetes but I'm gearing up for handmade Christmas presents.

  3. I bet you won't have a single one left for your niece and nephews - so you'll have to make more :). I'll have to look for this fabric - it would be perfect for a Christmas apron.

  4. Your stockings are quite festive! I'm not sure if it's the same kind of event as a fete, but my sister and I had booths at a few craft fairs.

  5. We had a hard time hitting our stride! At those larger craft fairs, it's hard to know exactly who your audience is. Mostly we ended up trading stuff with each other! It's cool that you know who you're selling to and what they like.