What ever happened to... the circle fabric?

Do you remember when I had a little giveaway of this fab circle knit fabric? Well would you believe the lucky recipient, Shar, has already made it up into something fantastic!
In fact, not one but two. She has made it up into TWO fantastic items: a McCalls 6654 skirt and a Megan Nielson Briar top.
Circle Fabric Dress back
What a great match of fabric and pattern.  And don't they look great worn together!
I'm still amazed that Shar was able to make so much out of such a small piece of fabric!
Circle Fabric Dress front
Thanks Shar for sharing these pictures and for giving this lovely piece of fabric such a good home!


  1. Lovely! She made such a good job with your fabric. And you are a star, sharing the goodies like that!

  2. Oh I love it when we get to see the results of a giveaway make! How clever to make co-ordinating separates like that.

  3. Thank you Merche and Beatrice! I had a lot of fun figuring out what to do with the fabric. And thank you Kirsty - you've been so supportive and helpful in your comments on my Flickr which I've really appreciated!

  4. Anytime Shar! I loved giving away this fabric... maybe I should do another search in the stash!

  5. Thank you Beatrice, I agree it is always nice to see what gets made.

  6. Thanks Merche! Better off with someone who can make it up into something fantastic than sitting in my stash pile :)

  7. This puts me to shame! I have plans and as of now a bit more time to get my "stripey knit win" make done. Stay tuned.

    Oh, and this is amazing, she looks gorgeous in it. Are you selfishly jealous that you didn't keep it after seeing what Shar has created???

  8. That poor little piece of fabric won't be able to hide in your stash!
    It does look fantastic doesn't it, but I think it's better on Shar than it ever could have been on me. It went to exactly the right home.