Les Menuires

We are halfway through our week at Les Menuires (which for a first timer outside Australian ski slopes beginner skier is a bit overwhelming..in a good way).  I am also probably half way through my scarf for Elliot.  I'm calling it my sampler scarf because I'm making it up as I go along and I thought I might try out a few different stitches on it but so far I've only had the courage to use stockinette, knit and moss stitch.  Oh and today I put a button hole in it so he would be able to wrap it through. The hole is super dodgy so I might need to reinforce it.  Notice, I've just gone for the arty snow shot (with my phone sadly rather than my camera) disguising the button hole for now.
Despite Mademoiselle La Droguerie suggesting that the Alpaca would be the right wool for the scarf I am having my doubts about the itchiness on a 4 year old.

My interest in knitting as my holiday sewing replacement might be waning however as I have now become fascinated with embroidery and particularly after seeing the work of Penny Leaver Green on Kickcan and Conkers last night.  I might need to see what I can find in Strasbourg when we return...

But regardless, my list of sewing projects in the pipeline continues to grow as more and more great patterns are released.  Social media is awash with excitement over the new Deer and Doe patterns and with good reason.  They are so lovely.  I will probably buy the Datura, but could easily buy the others.. particuarly the reglisse dress.


  1. Haha, you're becoming crafty-crazy on your trip! But seriously even if you the photo is arty, I think that scarf looks beautiful. I love the colours :)

  2. yes, those colours are great! Hope you're all having fun on the slopes - and at least you're getting the best out of the snow - I think everyone else in northern Europe right now is pretty fed up with it!

  3. I checked out the link you posted for Les Menuires
    and it’s gorgeous! Even if you didn't ski it looks like a wonderful place to
    stay. Interesting about the Alpaca - I hear people rave about it so I just
    assumed it was soft. My mother did beautiful crewel and embroidery work. I only
    tried it when I was very young and didn't have the patience. Post pictures if
    you embroider something. I realized that I bookmarked your blog originally
    through Deer and Doe for the pink Pavot jacket you made. I love Eleonore’s patterns
    (I have the Sureau dress pattern, but haven’t made it.

  4. I almost bought the Sureau the other day as well!! Oh and now Tilly has released her new pattern. All these patterns are piling up. Les Menuires was a really nice place to stay, so despite the weather we had great fun. I haven't yet been to the shops to find anything to embroider but hope to head out tomorrow. Am having problems finding anywhere that sells clothing fabric, so might have to stick to knitting and embroidery :(

  5. I think you are right about the rest of Northern Europe being sick of the snow... we could have done with a few more sunny days. Nevertheless it was fun. I'm still a beginner though.

  6. Thanks! I'm desperately missing sewing and all these new patterns popping up is driving me mad!!

  7. Hope you're having an ace holiday Kirsty! Love the arty snow-and-knitting shot! xxx

  8. Thanks Zoe!! Looking for the Northern Hemisphere to deliver Spring now :)

  9. Love the rich, blue colour. A hand knit scarf is such a wonderful labour of love... Ronnie xo