FINISHED! Baby leg warmers in Bleu de Genes Bamboo

baby leg warmers legs
We have been lazing around on holidays, the weather has been average, so the kids have been playing with Hero Factory so I have been trying to knit. It's the right kind of holiday really, especially when visiting family. Imagine the damage I could do with all this spare time if only I had my sewing machine!  By now you must be sick of these baby leg warmers, but I have to close them off and post them as a finished present.  So here they are in all their wobbly lo-fi glory. I bought a little 'body' from Petit Bateau to go with them as they looked a bit lonely on their own as a present.
In the end I used about 50grams of the bamboo/linen wool.. so if you need to weigh your wool for this project that's how much you'll need!
Originally these were going to go to a little baby boy due in April, but I think now I'll swap this present with the beanie I made earlier in the year. Anyway, for now let's pretend it's going to the April baby.  His big sister received this quilt from us back in May 2011.  I could hardly call it a quilt because it is so simple, it is hand quilted - but only minimally.  I do love it though and the fabric is from the delightful MummySam on Spoonflower.  I love her love letter fabric.
Did anyone buy the new pattern from Colette the Laurel?  It is growing on me and now I'm hatching a little plan for a winter one to make on my return to Australia.  The sun is shining here - finally - so it might be time to get out of the apartment and walk around Strasbourg, maybe down along the river to Petite Emilienne to see what fabrics they have in store.  How cute is their little bunny bag for Easter?


  1. I don't think the leg warmers look wobbly. If they don't go to the baby, could they be wrist warmers? Just kidding. I did love the beanie you made earlier. The quilt fabric has such a cute pattern. I've never ordered from Spoonflower, but I do alot of browsing on their site. I keep looking at the Laurel, but promised myself I'd finish all my WIPs before doing anything new (of course that's subject to change). I think you'd make a great version. Please send some sun this way!

  2. Lovely - so very cute Kirsty!
    Ronnie xo

  3. those tiny leg warmers are SO cute!!! I just love the colour.
    I did see the new Colette pattern, but shift dresses aren't my thing, so I'll pass this time. but have you seen the new Deer & Doe patterns? I couldn't resist!

  4. Thanks Shivani. Which pattern did you end up buying. .. I can't decide. They are all so cute.

  5. Oh, yes, spoonflower is a bit overwhelming isn't it! I think you almost need to know what you want to buy before you go there.

  6. That fabric is so cute Kirsty! Now I've figured out why you're away from your machine...I'm seriously out of the blog reading loop lately...going to read back through your posts to catch up! Love the cute little leg warmers x

  7. Thanks Michelle, yes, sadly no sewing for me until the 21 April - or maybe the 22nd! Dangerously, I keep buying patterns though so my stock of projects will be sky high by the time I return.