Alpine Knitting

I'm in the mountains so that means knitting.

Last year, I made the lo fi easy baby blanket during trips to the snow, back and in between.  This time I've started on a baby beanie for friends having a baby boy in February (or March?).  It's been a long time since I've knitted something with decreases (or increases) so hopefully I'll be able to work it out from my little instruction manual from a night course I did years ago.  If not I have bought, on recommendation from Roobeedoo, Learn to Knit, Love to Knit.  I'm hoping this will be the start of something as I'm keen to take some knitting on our trip to France in March.
Of course, I'm a Grainline Fan Girl so I'm using the Felici Sport Self Striping yarn that I found on ebay (I couldn't find it in Australia?).  I had heard how addictive it is to knit with self striping yarn and now I can completely agree.... though I can really only sneak in some early morning knitting or a quick 5 minutes in the afternoon. 
Oh and here is a completely gratuitous photo of Oliver on the Thredbo Riverside walk today in his very own self designed Harry Potter tshirt! 


  1. The scenery looks absolutely stunning - and I'm guessing those are photos with your new camera - really lovely! Thanks for the book link too, I'm just rediscovering my knitting skills and I could do with something like that!

  2. Thanks Jo, yes, it is the new camera... I am trying :) That book is styled so beautifully it is hard to pass up. Hopefully it will be as informative!