saturday sewing disasters


This afternoon Oliver had a friend come over for a play, which meant I had a bit of time to do some sewing. I've been feeling a bit of 'me made' pressure to make something other than a blouse and so I decided that, after seeing so many ginger skirts in Me Made May 2012, I would try one for myself.  Off I went to Addicted to Fabric and picked up items that are new, strange and a bit daunting to me: an invisible zipper, a pattern in English and fusible lining!  My mistake was to not buy new fabric as I thought I'd up some material from the stash - a wool fabric which has been sitting around for ever. The liberty rolls were calling to me to make another blouse, but I was strong and resisted... for now.  With my never opened invisible zipper foot, my set of instructions and a few you tube videos on the go, I managed to sew the invisible zipper on and was pretty proud of myself - but alas, with the interfacing (which I wonder in hindsight whether I needed at all) it all turned out too bulky, so on snipping the edges, I snipped too much.  I tried to rectify by doing all sorts of random sewing in all sorts of random places, only to have the zipper not do up half way, so after removing loose threads from left and right decided to give it a good yank - to which the zipper responded by unhooking itself from the teeth.  Look, I'm sure it's probably possible to put the zipper back on the teeth - but I'm over it.  The skirt, which was probably never really me has been shoved down back in the stash.  Perhaps I should stick with what I'm good at and make another top tomorrow - or just do my French homework which was what I should have been doing today. 

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