25 May 2012 - salvaged stretch: put a bow on it

The other day I posted the start of this story, where at the end of part one, I had tossed some salvaged scraps of re cut material (to start again a boat top from Built by Wendy Sew U Home Stretch) high up into the stash cupbooad.  To relive part one go back to "Stretch - how not to do it".
And so, we resume our story on Monday: I was home looking after Oliver who had contracted chicken pox, when I felt brave enough to climb back up into the far reaches of the top shelf to reclaim the plastic bag and material. I laid out the pieces carefully and with the remaining fabric, I cut out sleeves - perhaps a bit shorter than they should be, but I used what I had. I proceeded to follow the instructions, reasonably closely and carefully, to sew up the seams and voila a boat top appeared.  It was ok.  Not great.  The neck was wide and a bit floppy at the back.  It could work though I thought.  Perhaps I've made it a bit big and yes it is a bit short, but it's ok. Sort of.  Maybe not. The floppiness at the back of the neck bothered me, so I dug around at what pieces I had left and sewed them into a scarf, which I then proceed to sew onto the neck.  Ah ha.  When in doubt, sew a bow on it! You know, I love this top now!  Ok, ok, it has it's imperfections, like the scarf is made of about 4 bits of scrap.  But it's comfy, pretty flattering, has a bow on it, is in stripes.. so hey, I'll wear it!!
UntitledUntitledToday's MMM12 theme is water, so  I am standing in front of the water map of Australia outside the big boss's office.On the 3rd floor next to a canoe, but the shot is a bit blurry and sitting in my office next the Murray-Darling Basin Map!!! 

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