FINISHED! Virtual Light Wiksten Tank

Wiksten Tank in Virtual Light
The Wiksten tank seems to have some kind of cult status, so who am I to resist it. As planned earlier in the month, I've made one using Liberty of London Virtual Light A from the 2012 Autumn Winter Digital Story collection.  Unfortunately this tank took me ages to finish.  Although the pattern is simple, I seemed to have been jinxed from the start. Every time I started to work on it, I was interrupted, including two trips to the hospital with Oliver after he ran into the cupboard and cut his head in the excitement of having two friends over.  (He's fine - the plastic steri strips they used originally didn't work so I had to take him back, dripping with blood, to get some glue).
I'm not really into wearing low scoop necks like this one, so it's something to get used to.  Also, I think this top needs yellow pants!!?!
Oh by the way, it's my birthday today and I got lots of great things including an entry level SLR canon camera.  Yay!!! Could this be the start of some better photos on this little blog!
Just under 4 days left of 'It's all about me November sewing'.  I wonder can I squeeze any more sewing in before the run into Christmas.


  1. Happy Birthday! What a great present, a camera!

    The wiksten tank looks really pretty on you, I agree some yellow skinny trousers would look great with it.

    Get used to the low cut, because let me tell you, it frames your beauty and you look hot!

    Oh, Oliver, bless him!

  2. Thank you so much for always commenting Merche and particularly for the compliments xx

  3. Happy Birthday! The top is lovely, i don't think you could make something that doesn't look good.

  4. Happy birthday!! This looks so cute on you! Great fabric choice!

  5. Looks so lovely Kirsty!

    And happy belated birthday...

    Ronnie xo