Still in the old

I've just spotted on the Liberty website the new designs for Autumn Winter 2012.  Yeah!  Can't wait to have a good look at them and plan some purchases when the fabric makes it to Australia.  For now though I'm still in the old the current season, Spring Summer, even though it is Winter here.
My recent purchase is Dr Tulloch from the SS12 Digital Collection.
From the Liberty site: "This digital print was created from a watercolour painting of a chaotic bookcase in the writing room tucked away in the gardens of Glencot House in Somerset. The books were thrown together as if in a textured pile creating an abstract pattern."
This weekend I plan to make another Emily dress, but longer this time (as I have sensibly bought enough fabric) and with a collar!  The colours are even better than in this photo.

In other sewing news, inspired by Kitchen Table Sewing and her sock monkey link, I also pulled apart a gorgeous pair of socks that I never wear and attempted to make a sock monkey!  He is pretty dodgey and lo fi and I can't decide what to do with the little monkey now that I've made him.  Does he need a smile and nostrils, does he need a little outfit....?  So, he just sits on top of my sewing machine until I can decide what to do with him and who I can give him too as he is pretty fragile.  Luckily he can't escape even if he wanted to because the stuffing in his legs and arms is so uneven that it makes walking or swinging (unless with one arm) impossible!   


  1. I´m new to the concept of fabric names, but that Dr Tulloch is amazing!

    1. I hope I can do the fabric justice!

  2. What a cute little monkey! And I'm excited to see your Liberty dress.